Our A-La-Carte Menu

Our namesake is a region in south-west France, a region steeped in culinary tradition, and we have taken the time to distil, update and translate to our climate in Brisbane.

We’ve adapted time-tested recipes, using interesting combinations with the aim of delivering a point of difference to the palate, while maintaining humble feelings of rich,comfortable French fare typical of an authentic brasserie. True to this form, almost everything we serve here is house-made with love and care, as we believe, it needn’t be exclusive, nor overly complicated, just honest, and delicious.

We hope you enjoy our modern interpretation of regional French cuisine, and take the time savor the magnificent views afforded from our beautiful waterfront location at River Quay.

A-La-Carte Menu

Lunch & Dinner

Appetizers & Entrees

Baked fresh daily; single serve, smoked butter, confit garlic
( V/ DFO )


Marinated olives; cow's yoghurt & saltbrush dip, seeded lavosh
( GF/ GFO/ DFO )

Oysters$4ea | $4.5ea | $4.5ea

natural | champagne dill foam | mignonette
Our oysters are delivered live & freshly shucked to order
( GF/ DF )

Tomato Terrine$14

Watermelon, chimichurri, heriloom tomato, olive
( V/ DF )


Duck liver pate; house made, seasonal pickles, condiments, toasted bread


Raceltte & potato croquettes; Spanish ham, red onion compote
( VO )


Half dozen snails cooked in cafe de Paris butter; confit garlic, toasted bread
( GFO )

Charcuterie Boardfor 2-$32, for 4-$54

A selection of cured meats; seasonal pickles, condiments, toasted bread
( GFO )


Hand diced eye fillet raw; egg yolk gel, red pepper, chilli rise crisp, burnt onion, seeded lavosh
( DF )


Citrus cured & smoked Ora King salmon; almond foam, chive, endive and orange salad
( GF/ DF )

Kids Meals (under 12yrs)
Steak & Chips$16

100gm eye fillet; chips, mixed leaf salad, tomato sauce
( GF/ DF )

Fish & Chips$16

Pan fried barramundi; chips, mixed leaf salad, tomato sauce
( GF/ DF )

Ice Cream$4

Scoop of house made vanilla ice cream; chocolate garnishes

French Cheeses
hard/blue/softfor 1-$16, for 2-$30

Selection of classic, hard, soft & blue cheeses, fresh fruit, condiments, toasted bread

A-La-Carte Menu

Lunch & Dinner


Potato gnocchi; sauteed with cauliflower, kale, sage & sumerac, Roquefort crumble, Roquefort butter
( V/ DFO )

Lamb Saddle$34

Sous vide lamb; green pea puree, spring vegetables, sweet coffee crumb, lamb sauce reduction
( GF )

Smoked Chicken$33

Corn fed chicken breast fillet; pumpkin, onion jam, toast, kale, pine nut currant sauce
( GFO )


Pan roasted barramundi fillet; chervil and celeriac remoulade, tempura zucchini flower, preserved lemon
( GFO/ DFO )

Duck Maryland$35

Cured & slow cooked confit duck leg; goat's cheese gel, candied beets, blood orange fennel, madeira jus
( GF )

Pork Belly$34

Twice cooked pork; apple, parsnip, spiced bread crumb, black pudding sauce
( GFO )


Fresh local seafood poached in a traditional tomato & shellfish broth; saffron rouille, toasted bread
( GFO/ DFO )

Eye Fillet$39

200gm chargrilled eye fillet steak; potato dauphinoise, mushroom pate, shallot crumb, smoked onion, red wine jus
( GFO/ DFO )


Served with paprika & herb salt, aioli
( GF/ DF / V )

Brussels Sprouts$11

Smoked bacon, honey mustard vinaigrette
( GF/ DF )


Mixed leaves, pear, parmesan, chardonnay vinaigrette
( GF/ V )

Charred Broccolini$11

Parmesan curd, 63.5 degree egg, fried shallot
( GFO )

Creme Brulee$14

Textures of mandarin, pistachio biscotti
( GFO )

Lemon Curd$12

Pistachio and fennel shortbread crumb, honey and caraway ice cream, meringue

Paris Breast$14

Choux pastry, Frangelico mousse, hazelnut praline, poached pear, dark chocolate ganache

Pina Colada$12

Char grilled pineapple, coconut lime sorbet, pineapple sorbet, white rum foam
( GF/ DF )

Cherry Clafoutis$14

White chocolate sesame snow, lavender ice cream, glass bubble

Petit Fours$10

A selection of bite sized house made sweets
( GFO/ DFO )

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